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Updated 13th January 2018

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Although disappointment was the general feeling after the match overall we were really pleased with the level of performance displayed from the players.

We knew Hall Russell would make it a difficult encounter as most junior games prove to be however the players application to the game was first class and I thought the performance was one where we deserved to take home the three points. Not only did the players pass the ball well on a quick, bobbly surface but our shape defensively was excellent where I do not recall many opportunities that Hall Russell created over the course of the ninety minutes. I felt our pressing was excellent at times, especially the first half, where we won possession back in good areas which allowed us to play the game in areas where we could expose Hall Russell defensively but our decision making in the final third was rushed therefore we couldn’t make the breakthrough in the times we were on top in the match.

Our disappointment in the match comes purely from missed opportunities and our decision making in the final third. Had we been sharper and displayed more composure in that area of the pitch then we would have come away with a winning result and the three points but chances passed us by, and my open goal miss was inexcusable after good build up play from Grant and Leebo, and in the end we left with a point which isn’t the worst outcome as near the end of the match Hall Russell grew into the game and they finished the stronger side with Joe having to pull off an excellent save towards the end of the match to ensure we left with a point.

For me, however, the improvement in the quality of our play and our calmness in possession is evident from when we first arrived at the club and we only see vast improvement in the group of players over the past few months and we are confident that the improvement will continue throughout the second half of the season. The players are grasping what we ask of them in training and on a match day and the players are now showing that they are comfortable playing the way we ask them too and we are seeing more consistency within our performances which can only bode well for our future and the remainder of the season.

We will hopefully have another two intense training sessions (weather permitting) this week before we welcome Longside to Pleasure Park next weekend in what will be an entertaining and difficult cup tie.