The Dugout


A Fianl Dugout from Allan

Maud Junior Football Club JJunior FFC

It’s been an extremely difficult decision to make knowing we are leaving behind an excellent club who have a very hard working committee and an excellent group of players who have a lot of potential and ability to progress and get to the levels of the clubs ambition. We wish to place on record that our decision is purely based on personal circumstances and non-footballing reasons despite the poor results since the season started, because despite the results we have maintained a strong belief in the players and our own abilities to gain the results everyone at the club are looking for and despite our decision we maintain every confidence the results shall follow the performances and efforts the players have displayed recently. The squad has been decimated with injuries (as much as 11 injured players) over the past 7 weeks and as a result there has been numerous changes to the squad on a weekly basis, hardly having 11 fit players to select, which has contributed to the mixed results and once this situation eases there is an excellent squad of players at the club and it is in a promising position for the new management team – for me it’s a very attractive proposition for any person wanting to get into / back into management and I’d encourage anyone to apply for the position as the new manager will quickly see the ability of the players available at their disposal.

There is has been an increase in both Gavin and I’s work commitments in recent months with both of us recently starting individual businesses’ as well as myself juggling my full-time job and away to become a father for the first time so it is a decision that been based on the principle that we wouldn’t be able to give our complete 100% commitment to the club in the coming months and as a result we feel stepping aside and allowing someone else the opportunity to progress the club forward is the right decision for the best interests of Maud. We need this period out of the game to get things settled in our personal situations and this was the only decision that would allow us the opportunity to get to that point.

We will remain at the helm in the short term to allow the opportunity for the club to take their time and make the right decision for the club moving forward and we appreciate the efforts of the committee in their attempts to try and make us reverse our decisions but they understand the circumstances behind the decision. We wish to take the opportunity to thank the committee for their incredible support provided since we returned to the club, the players for their commitment, efforts and spirit and those who came along to support the team on matchdays.